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shine and sheen: guest wanderer post

Hello Wanderers!  Today’s wander comes from a fellow wanderer whose got the goods.  Christina of Shine and Sheen is just too cool.  I know, lame words, but that’s the way it is.  I believe we started our bloggership a few months back when I first started blogging.  Then IG came along and I really came to enjoy her aura.  Such a lady yet such a pretty thug.  I love it!  Funky, elegant, classy, flashy, you name it- Christina is it.  shinensheenLove is in the Air..’‘..

In Christina’s words:

hello fellow wanderers! i’m happy and excited to be doing a guest post on danni’s blog today. we exchanged the same theme of ‘love is in the air’ and it’s quite cool that we had totally different interpretations! check out her nail art creation on my blog over here:


for my design, i was literally in a jazzy state of mind (i listened to l-o-v-e by nat king cole on repeat as i was painting this design!!!) – so i was thinking jazzy, sparkly, this kind of vibe. which led me to wanting to do a black and white combo with a little pop of color and shine. first i used a white base polish (my new shine & sheen polish actually – very excited to be using my own polish for nail art now!) and followed with black striper to paint the word ‘luv’. as my nails are growing out, i did black french tips (love french tips on longer nails!) and added some little wisps of black as well under the letters. and finally for my last finger, i covered it in fuchsia sequins. at first i was just trying to make a heart with the sequins but they were too big and it didn’t look right. so i just dipped my whole finger in and covered the entire nail. added a single sequin next to each letter for a last touch. and voila! super simple and fun.

mini q&a

How did you come up with your blogger name?

i have always loved the word ‘shine’ – i just think it’s a great word and conveys a lot of imagery. and my middle name is ‘sheen’. when i was trying to come up with my blogger name, i somehow just paired these two words together and thought it sounded quite catchy!

How often do you change your mani?

it varies but i guess these days about 2-3 times a week. i’m often trying new products and testing things to see how i want to develop my product line, so i can never keep one mani for too long.

What are your top 3 favorite colors for spring?

  1. a lovely rich coral color that really pops and catches people’s eyes

  2. sea green – calm and serene and just a pretty shade for warm weather

  3. sunny, lemon yellow, which I think is a really happy color

Tell us one nail secret that no one knows about you…

i’m a horrible cuticle picker! i have a terrible habit to constantly pick and push the skin around my nails. which is why it’s best for me to keep a nice manicure because then i’m more conscious about it. otherwise i’ll just keep at it and wreck my cuticles.

What’s your favorite nail tool?

well, if you look at my blog or instagram it’s very easy to tell that i’m a huge fan of the dotting tool. you can do soooo many nice designs and do them well! the dotting tool lets you be really precise. i’m also a fan of the rhinestone picker because i use it like a giant dotting tool. i picked up this tip from a fellow nail blogger ?

Gel or polish?

this is a good question because i actually like both. my heart belongs to polish just for texture and ease of use, but gel is such an amazing invention for the nail world and it’s changed the manicure habits of so many of my friends, i have a serious appreciation for it. i easily have gel on my nails about half the time.

If you could ask anyone (anyone!) to follow your blog, who would it be?

haha, how about michelle phan??? i love her videos and her personality really comes through. you can see that she’s just a really down-to-earth girl who’s super creative and talented. kudos to her for her new line of products!

More about Christina…

i love nail art because it’s a universal way to show beauty and share creativity. there are a million ideas and designs that can be painted on the tips of your fingers. you just need to grab a couple of tools and get creative!

How can we wander with you?

i just launched my new website, which you can check out and let me know if you have any feedback. i’m still at the stage where i can tweak it and improve it!


and i would love it if you would follow me!





  • Wanderers, friends, you- What is up? Definitely not posts from me. Let's just say life is getting in the way right now. Taking a break- or have been taking a break from overworking my bipolar mind. Gotta wander about through the holidays. I will be here and there but mostly there and possible over there. Who knows. Thanks for understanding crazy. ...I'm friends with the voices inside of my head... ~five7and2
  • Autumn and Winter Tag! How cute is this? I was tagged by the wandering all things make-up queen, Ginger from gingerlovesmakeup to answer these 10 wanderful questions:) THE QUESTIONS: 1) What's your fav autumn lipstick? Please don't judge me.  I wear one lipstick year round.  Loreal Colour Riche #183 Pink Vinyl.  I am weak for it :( 2) What's your fav autumn trend? Oh my... I am a scarf kinda girl.  Once fall hits, I pull out the scarves and comfy pants :) 3) What's your fav autumn candle? To be honest, I only like vanillaish smells and laundry scents! 4) Do you have any autumn traditions? I have always worked retail so yes, every Black Friday I work at odds hours when I should be sleeping.  Trying not to lose my sanity while dealing with insane bargain shoppers. 5) What's your fav thing about autumn? The crisp air and scenery. 6) What's your fav item of clothing  for autumn? SCARVES.  Well that's not clothing, scarves are accessories.  I would have to say cardigans:) 7) Fav autumn nail polish? Any dark polish, mattes and metallic oranges/golds, etc. 8) Fav autumn beverage?  Spiked cinnamon coffee:) 9) Fav autumn snack? Besides the entire pumpkin pie and cool whip tub to myself?  Ginger snaps con cafe.  Yep, my abuela always gave me ginger snap cookies with spanish coffee. YUM! 10) Which celebrity inspires you most in autumn? Ok, so I don't like this question. Sorry.  I am not really inspired by the celebs.  I am inspired by life- real life.  Not those with fortune and fame, they promote the trends but that doesn't mean all trends are haute.  What inspires you should be something that gives you goosies, makes your heart skip a beat, lose your breath- overwhelming.  Not celeb is overwhelming for me, however, I am in awe of natural haired individuals.  Shows, they do not care and know who they are. That wasn't too bad.  I am tagging the following wanderful mad nail artists to answer the q's: 1. Nibs 2. Gnomenails 3. Squibb Vicious Have fun ladies! bloggership rules. -five7and2
  • Today I chose to go with #5 blue of #31DC2013.  I have been dying to use this new blue and play around some more with my dotting tools.  This took quite some time, between taping and peeling and drying and typing and peeling and drying.  And dotting and dotting then dotting. And drying.  I am very happy with the final result, considering I just grabbed colors and started painting.  The metallic has so much depth to it, a picture just can't capture it's beauty.  Reminds me of a mood ring.  Here is oceanic blues (my hubbers helped come up with this name :0 ) Products used: Essie nail lacquer in butler please (blue) Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure in Black and Blue (metallic shimmer) Essie nail lacquer in play date (pale purple) NYC glitter polish in Pink Bling Seche Vite Fast Dry clear top coat Tools: Tape Tape Tape Tape Tape Dotting Tools, 2 different sizes Very easy to do, just time consuming. skies the limit, take a dive ~five7and2
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