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definition of a Danni

Heeeey Wanderers!  How was your weekend?  Mine was full of polish and fails.  At one point I was ready to throw it all in the trash!  Wtheck am I doing here?  Why is all the polish so caca right now?  Is it the air?  Is it me?  Ahhhhhhhhhhh!   How did I get in a nail stump?

I’ll tell you how.  Too much internet!  I spend so much time gawking over others art that eventually I can no long think for myself.  I don’t wear animals on my nails, why am I trying to draw a puppy on my nail?  Me no likey chevrons but I did a chevy-mani yesterday… Why?  Isn’t everyone wearing a chevy?  Gah…  It’s great to be inspired and keep up with the trends but I don’t even dress to the trend so why should my nails be in trend?

What really brought this about was I got lost in YouTube Land last night.  It started with Robin Moses (if you haven’t subscribed to her YouTube channel then you are missing out)  and then I found myself listening to Tee Fisher,THE Nail Gurl, for quite some time.  I won’t tell you how long but let’s just say most vids aren’t under 10min!  Anywho- she addressed negativity in the nail community and being inspired by others but bringing you to your art.  Basically in a nut shell, Tee says we all have our own level of creativity and you need to tap into what sets you apart- find your signature.

Now, I know this.  We all know this.  So how do your thing?  I thought about this all night and this morning the first thing I did was take out my sketch book.  Grabbed a pen and just began to write/scribble/doodle- all that good stuff.  Here is a pic of some of what I got out

WP_20140127_001I figure the best way to find myself is to go through the things that make me happy, sad- emotional in anyway.  I am going to add to this later on I just wanted to get a pic for the post- that and I needed to get the little one ready for school so I was cut short.  Anywho- (I like anywho, does that bother anyone? I know I do it alot)

Anywho…  I want to know how you stay motivated to be yourself despite all the distraction from others work.  But first ask yourself- are you painting for fun or are you painting because it’s your passion and you want to make a career of it?  Either way, you should have your own stamp but if you are looking to be a professional I believe something has to set you apart.  I haven’t been in a nail salon in years- ever since I left Jersey I can’t find a salon that gives me what I am looking for.  I need that it factor, if I am paying for it I want quality unique work.  A lot of practicing will start this week while I wait on money to roll in for school.  The least I can do is get my basics down and begin to educate myself on Georgia laws regarding nail technicians.  This is part of finding who you are, if you aren’t willing to step out there and learn then you will get no where.  And, that goes for life in general.  Are you an eagle or a chicken?  Do you fly or stay up in the coop?

I am an eagle baby and I WILL soar.  My success WILL not be measured by zeros but on the relationships developed over time.  Blogging has been such a joy and I am happy to share my ramblings with you all.  The future has so much in store for us but don’t even think you have time.  Because you don’t.  What is here today can be gone tonight.  Make the most out of everyday- yea I know saying it is easy.  But seriously, if you have 5 minutes to spare grab pen and paper, your phone, your computer, whatever- an write a quick note to someone who inspires you.  I prefer the mailing method as it is rare one get’s a letter in the mail these days.  And I like mail!  Lol!  You will be surprised at what jot it brings you and the recipient.  A simple way to make the most out of your day- appreciation.

Ok, I am done.  Thank you all for staying till the end of this long post 🙂  You are truly amazing and encouraging.  Whether you read every post or just stop by every now and then- I appreciate you.  You all encourage me to work harder.  Have a great Monday Wanderers and let’s call today MAKE IT MONDAY.  Oh yea!  New thang!  Make something happen every Monday.  I will post before bed what I made happen today 🙂

let your soul define your person



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