wanderific must haves


There are products that you could have, may want, think you need and then there are products that you MUST have.  I must have the above items. I would be lost, naked and shaken without semi-tamed monster curls, head bands, glitter and music!  My must haves do change, sometimes there’s a good sale and I find something new to compare with my old.  If my new works better than old, I finish up old and stick to new.

What’s in the picture (top left to bottom right, some items didn’t make it in the frame)

Elf angled eyeliner brush- I use this to fill in my eyebrows, works great for a more naturally looking full brow.

Nike head band- I cannot have curls in my face while painting or playing ball.  Head bands are ggggrrrrrrreeeeeeaaatt! (Tony the Tiger voice, of course!)  Men love to see us just pull back our hair effortlessly.  Comfy IS the way to go to keep their heads turning!

Blue eye liner- Any blue liner is good in my book. I like it on my lower lid when I wear my purple mascara.

Pearl drop heart ring-  I made this ring and I love to wear it when I have an awesome well executed design on my nails.  Ring brings a lot of attention and I am very proud of it.  The pearl swings around as I type/write, just lovely!

Rimmel London Volume Flash the Max-  It is waterproof, clump free, gives me an extremely dramatic look without trying. Sometimes I just use tinted moisturizer, a little blush, my lightly sparkled eye shadow primer with a matte nude over it and my mascara. Simple look but the eyes say “come hither” and “back up b!tch”. No need for liner unless you HAVE to have it, but I had the wanderful chance to live in Japan as a teen and those beautiful ladies rarely wore liner, and I secretly want to be an elderly Japanese woman 🙂 Ok, I rambled but you get the point. Rimmel is a good brand in my book.

Pink diamonds and pearls necklace- I made this as well, xoxo the colors.  My in-laws bought me the beads while on vacation in St.Augustine, Florida.  I must go there and find the little bead shop they went to, the clasp also came from the same store and is breathtaking.  I will have to post about this necklace!

philosophy healthy cream blush in lit from within from the supernatural collection- Cream blushes are a must have.  Very versatile product, great for lips and eyes.  If you have oily skin like me, I suggest you go over the cream with a matte powder to lock in color and reduce shine.  You will still be left with a fresh, dewy look!

smashbox lip gloss in Petal- glides on smooth and shiny without the “I just ate fried chicken” look!  Does not have a sticky feeling and lasts longer when over a matte lipstick.

Max Factor Stik concealor in 129 medium beige-  I am not a big fan of heavy makeup by any means.  But, this concealor is awesomely thick and creamy.  You don’t need very much at all to cover dark spots.  I tend to use this on my lips, helps retain color, plump lips and really makes brights pop.

Skull Candy earbuds- music must be with me at all times.  No music, no happy.

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie- made of organic coconut and hibiscus oils, this product smells great and is very thick and creamy.  I have wanderful crazy frizzy curls and I like to use this for my wash and go wet looks.  Keeps my curls hydrated, smelling good and gives a nice non greasy shine.

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy perfume- I have many VS perfumes, no one in particular is my favorite.  Smelling good is important to me and these last through the work day and are a great size.  I only buy travel size from VS, they are $10 to $15 and worth it for those like me who don’t want to smell the same everyday.  Smelly moods 🙂

it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product- it’s a 10! nothing left to say. Pricey in my book ($12.99 for 2 fl.oz). I was able to snag several bottles of this for “2 for $3” at CVS, thanks to a poor cashier unfortunate restocking mistake.  I knew those bottle didn’t belong there but when there are over 20 pieces of the same product on the same sale feature, you better honor it! I work retail management and we mess up all the time with signage- we are human.  Take advantage of those mess ups, no retailer will deny you the advertised price for fear or losing business.

Loreal Colour Riche in Pink Vinyl- I absolutely xoxo this lipstick.  It’s bright and creamy and lasts.  Great texture, makes for easy blending with other lip products.  I like to layer shades.

Seche Vite Dry Fast clear top coat- duh-mazing! Best topcoat brand by far, I will have to try their new lacquers

Revlon nail file- keep it with me all the time, just in case we have an unfortunate snag/rip of the tips

Maybelline Great Lash Limited Edition Colors in Pop of Purple- Purple is a must for any wanderful lady with brown eyes!  I do not use this alone that often, I like to use my black first then go over with the purple.  Gives more drama and the purple tends to stand out more, also, the top of the lashes are black and the underside is purple- just too hot!

Elf liquid eye liner in gold glitter- I am always on the run so makeup time can be rather short.  With a liquid glitter liner you can quickly swipe it across the top of the lash line and have instant radiance without all the work.  Makes sleepy eyes wider and brighter

I hope you all found this to be helpful and please do share with me your must haves!  The plan is the keep this page updated with good and bad reviews as I journey through products.  Please feel free to share with me and your fellow wanderers the products you must have 🙂

must. need. want. crave. life of a woman!



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