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are you a shoe lover?


I am sure you all have noticed that I like to use Anise polishes A LOT.  Anise and I have a special connection.  My husband works for DSW and they are the only major retailer to carry the Anise Cosmetics brand.  So Hubby is always showering me with polish!  Warning! This post is longer than usual as I am going to give you the back story of my and my hubbers. 🙂  

Hubbers (Tony) and I met at work, DSW, many few years back.  I remember being hired in as a manager and the other managers were very insistent that I would not get along with Tony.  In my head I though, “Yea right, homie don’t  me!”  Nothing good was said about him.  However, all the associates loved him so this guy couldn’t be that bad, right?  Right.

Hubbers is the head of the freight team and I was hired in as a Merchandise Manager so I HAD to work closely with him.  My first real encounter with Tony wasn’t until a week into my employment.  The GM says, “Ok, today you have to learn freight and you are going to have to work with Anthony.  Let me know if you have any problems with him and I will send him home.”  Well ok then…

After 5min. together, I was in love.  This sarcastic, dry humor, witty man had taken my heart with the first smile.  Literally- I knew this man was going to be my husband and I was terrified.  How the hell could this happen?  I moved to Georgia to start a new life for me and my son- not to get shacked up!!  Long story short- it took Hubbers three long months to get me out on a date.  I turned him down many times, came up with reasons not to go out.  Afterall, we worked together and when does that ever turn out good?  Within two weeks of dating, lil man and I moved in with Tony.  Wth?  I know what you are all thinking but hey, it happens.  This wanderful man took in a child and loves him as though he is his own.  Together we now had two boys, his wanderful son from a previous marriage- who I love beyond words. “Lo” has a special place in my heart and is a spectacular driving teen now!  A few months into dating we were blessed with the news of pregnancy  (Mouse was on her way!).  Not too long after that, I decided to leave DSW.  At this point, we could no longer work together.  The GM was a douche-nozzle (very grown-up word) and would schedule me for freight shifts… Dude, I am in my first trimester, I can’t lift boot boxes!  lol  No negativity towards the DSW company in anyway- I would go back in a heartbeat.  We just can’t work in the same location and the next closest location isn’t really my cup of tea.  Anywho- that’s how we meet and DSW is why I use Anise so often.


This wanderful new Shoe Lover by Anise is awesome in a bottle!  Cosmic Kiss is a beautiful deep red with shimmers galore, simply gorgeous.  In natural sunlight the look is just stunning.  The depth is incredible and you only need two coats for full lushy coverage.   Also, for being so red it was very easy to remove and left no stains behind.  Of course, I used a base coat but sometimes the pigments are so harsh they seep through.  I hope they give us more Shoe Lover colors and I am very impressed.  OH! Did I mention the polishes are 6 free?!  Yea, that’s right the only 6 free nail company.  NO TOLUENE. NO DBP. NO FORMALDEHYDE. NO FORMALDEHYDE RESIN. NO CAMPHOR. NO ANIMAL TESTING.

Not only is Anise 6 free, they are all about women’s right and protecting our environment.  Be sure to visit their World of Anise for more information.

You can purchase these these lovely lacquers at any DSW location at buy one get on half off- sorry they are not available online.  Once a color is gone- it is gone for good.  If you do not have a DSW near you and are interested in trying Anise, please feel free to contact me, I would be more than happy to share these polishes with you!

kissed under the cosmos by a shoe lover


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One thought on “are you a shoe lover?

  1. Divine polish! And a super sweet love story! When my hubby and I first met it was love at first sight, too. At least for me. Within 2 minutes I knew he was the one. Glad to hear (well, read) you, T and the kids are a happy family. 🙂

    Posted by gingerlovesmakeup | October 26, 2013, 6:27 am

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