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delush polish


Guess where I wandered?  To the indie side of LacquerLand!  Finally, Wanderland has been Delushed by Delush Polish 🙂 I first heard about Delush Polish on Pinterest.  Then Instagram.  Then online… then Nail It! magazine (the 2nd love of my life) featured Delush in their Holiday 2013 issue!


Woohoo!  Happy day for CEO and founder, Adrianna Gonzalez.

First let me say, Adrianna gives amazing customer service and is a pleasure to interact with on Instagram @delushpolish.  Now- polish!!! Omp. Oh. My. Polish. The Delushes I used are from the Slice of Life collection by Delush Polish.  Yep, Slice of Life is based off of the show Dexter.  I know many of you wanderers are Dexter fans 🙂  Your blogs are proof!

I couldn’t decided which of the seven duh-mazing! colors I should use first.  So naturally- being a gemini- I grabbed two.  The first, A Very Neat Monster- a black jelly with tons of green glitters and large green holos!  I am in love.  Wish I didn’t get the mini’s- but can’t have everything in life you want.  Not yet 🙂  The other (on my thumb) is Tonight’s the Night- a black jelly with yellow, teal, neon pink and large violet holo dots!

Since I have the mini’s I have to use these sparingly 😦  I will never paint all five fingers (Yea, I know I got 10!) with the same color, until I swatch Born in Blood.  On my pointer, I used a new Anise polish my hubby got for me 🙂  It is called Spontaneous.  I don’t know what he was trying to say with that… But it is a gorgeous crelly like pink- very Miami Barbie baby!

I added these totally awesome (spoken with a very thick Joizee accent) tear shaped nail art sprinkles around the nails and a green holo heart in the center.  Topped all nails with my new fav- Out the Door topcoat.

Simply and easy look but drop dead sparkling in person!

tonight’s the night to be spontaneous with a very neat monster


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2 thoughts on “delush polish

  1. Thanks for the fabulous review Danni ❤ Love your personality in all your posts and you are equally a pleasure to chat to on instagram 😉

    Posted by Adrianna | October 18, 2013, 2:07 pm
  2. Love, love, love!

    Posted by gingerlovesmakeup | October 26, 2013, 6:28 am

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