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Autumn and Winter Tag!

How cute is this? I was tagged by the wandering all things make-up queen, Ginger from gingerlovesmakeup to answer these 10 wanderful questions:)


1) What’s your fav autumn lipstick?
Please don’t judge me.  I wear one lipstick year round.  Loreal Colour Riche #183 Pink Vinyl.  I am weak for it 😦

2) What’s your fav autumn trend?
Oh my… I am a scarf kinda girl.  Once fall hits, I pull out the scarves and comfy pants 🙂

3) What’s your fav autumn candle?
To be honest, I only like vanillaish smells and laundry scents!

4) Do you have any autumn traditions?
I have always worked retail so yes, every Black Friday I work at odds hours when I should be sleeping.  Trying not to lose my sanity while dealing with insane bargain shoppers.

5) What’s your fav thing about autumn?
The crisp air and scenery.

6) What’s your fav item of clothing  for autumn?

SCARVES.  Well that’s not clothing, scarves are accessories.  I would have to say cardigans:)

7) Fav autumn nail polish?
Any dark polish, mattes and metallic oranges/golds, etc.

8) Fav autumn beverage? 
Spiked cinnamon coffee:)

9) Fav autumn snack?
Besides the entire pumpkin pie and cool whip tub to myself?  Ginger snaps con cafe.  Yep, my abuela always gave me ginger snap cookies with spanish coffee. YUM!

10) Which celebrity inspires you most in autumn?
Ok, so I don’t like this question. Sorry.  I am not really inspired by the celebs.  I am inspired by life- real life.  Not those with fortune and fame, they promote the trends but that doesn’t mean all trends are haute.  What inspires you should be something that gives you goosies, makes your heart skip a beat, lose your breath- overwhelming.  Not celeb is overwhelming for me, however, I am in awe of natural haired individuals.  Shows, they do not care and know who they are.

That wasn’t too bad.  I am tagging the following wanderful mad nail artists to answer the q’s:

1. Nibs

2. Gnomenails

3. Squibb Vicious

Have fun ladies!

bloggership rules.


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