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31 day challenge

Is it time yet? I feel like a child on Christmas Eve: uber excited! Chalkboard Nails has announced the next 31DC will kick off September 1st. This will be my first challenge and I have polish oozing from my pores. Creativity is flowing and patience is wearing thin, just four days till we get to go mad with polish! Chalkboard Nails, Sarah, is just one of the “many few” young ladies who inspired me to leap into my Wanderland and blogging. Her creations are mind blowing and most importantly- clean. It’s no wander Sally Hansen chose her to be one of this year’s IHeartNailArt judges. Oh, what I would give to have been there and bask in all things nail. In due time… in due time.

Day one will be red polish and it looks like I’ll have to do some mixing or go purchase a red. I only own a red glitter and that just won’t work. I want to go for a nice end of summer/beginning of fall look. Plenty of ideas falling like leaves in my head, just have to nail the right one. Pun intended.

Are YOU going to join me, join Chalkboard as we zip through bottles of acetone?

patience is learned…

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